Mafell - Portable Circular Carpentry Saw MKS 130 Ec

SKU: MAF925401

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  • With CUprex, the high-performance motor
  • With new tilting system of 60° for more cutting depth
  • Unique, precise height adjustment
  • Constant cut display
  • Sheer power and high torque take on a whole new meaning with the new high-output CUprex motor. It offers performance-optimized digital electronics and newly developed control technology. Its speed is continuously variable according to the nature of the material and application.
  • The saw´s handling and behavior are refined by smooth starting, constant speeds under load, speed reduction and overload protection.
  • The exemplary design of the MKS 130 Ec embraces extremely rugged and high-quality materials, including the lightweight magnesium die-cast housing and impact-resistant, fiber glass-reinforced plastic components. Most of the surfaces that are conventionally exposed to dust or chips have been eliminated.
  • The MKS 130 Ec satisfies all the requirements that arise in traditional and modern carpentry: cross and rip cuts in wood or insulating materials are easily executed thanks to the availability of appropriate accessories.
  • Nothing is left to chance as far as safety is concerned: the MKS 130 Ec features a motor brake and a self-closing saw guard. Among the other safety features, the on/off switch has an integrated starting lockout button.

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