Mafell - Drilling station BST 320 with Parallel fence - Copying insert - special drill bit for copying insert

SKU: MAF961251

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  • Intelligent drill guide
  • For series drilling with drilling templates
  • Single column
  • With stop system thanks to parallel fence (see special accessories)
  • MAFELL´s drilling station not only offers supreme precision, compared with conventional drill jigs, but is also comprehensively revolutionizing drilling operations in solid wood. Its clever design, based on a rugged and lightweight aluminium column, cannot fail to impress.
  • The single column offers significant benefits: better view of the mark and drill tip, more space for bit changes, and the jamming that can occur during drilling is a thing of the past.
  • MAFELL is further demonstrating its ability to originate professional solutions, down to the last detail, and its understanding of practical needs. The continuously adjustable drill guide, with six locating elements, enables the drilling station to achieve unprecedented accuracy. As you would expect from MAFELL, the new drilling station is built exclusively from very high-quality materials, so that a long service life is assured.

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