INCRA Track System - 36”

Locate ANY cut on ANY machine EXACTLY where you want it. Lengths of Incra Track fence without the incremental Shop Stop are an inexpensive way to add a sturdy, basic fence to jigs or miter gauges, but they're also ideal for expanding an existing Incra Track installation when you don't need an additional Shop Stop.

Please note that this is with imperial scale and positioning racks. If you want to use it as metric you have to add INCRA Metric Positioning rack set to convert this to metric. 5pcs set is good for 18" model but we recommend 2x5 pcs for 32" fence.

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Available in 18" and 36" lengths, these universal fences will easily attach to nearly any horizontal or vertical surface using a wide variety of mounting holes and T-slots. Mounting hardware is included. The design also features T-slots on the working face for attaching zero-clearance sub fences for splinter-free crosscutting. INCRA Track is equipped with our patented incremental rack system for outstanding stop positioning accuracy and 1/1000" repeatability when used with the INCRA Shop Stop to give your jigs, fixtures, and fence system cutting precision not available anywhere else.
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